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Holiday Knitting

Christmas and Holiday Knit and Crochet

9/24/06 09:09 pm - spring_violet - Gift #3 - Done!

My step-father is getting a hat and scarf set:

These are knit out of Noro Big Kureyon in colorway 19 on US10 needles.

The scarf is a simple short row multi-directional one. There are various patterns available on the internet. For the hat I wanted something that matched the scarf, so I knit a small short row multi-directional strip for a hat brim. I seamed the short ends of the brim piece and then picked up stitches along one edge (I ended up picking up 80) for the hat body.

picturesCollapse )

8/24/06 08:54 am - spring_violet - One Down!

And several more to go :)

I finally got around to lining a cabled purse I made for a girlfriend.

dark pictures behind the cutCollapse )

8/3/06 02:43 pm - ryvrecloud - A little over 4 months away...

...and I have a lot to do!! I decided to knit and crochet my gifts this year bc I always have a hard time picking out stuff. So, may be a serious undertaking but, here's the list!


Sister...bunny slippers from Happy Hooker (chenille like yarn that's yellow, pink, orange and green...I'm calling the slippers Easter Bunny on Acid Slippers, lol) and a belt knit purse from a free pattern I got from Wal Mart...oh, and a crochet weave afghan that I started for her LAST YEAR! :D

Boyfriend...Anarchy Hat from Happy Hooker and maybe Knitty's Knucks

Best Friend...a knit basic purse that I'm making out of this colorful soft yarn from Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby yarn) that I'm calling the colorful porcupine

Not started...

Sister's BF...Knitty's Swell
Mom...Hooded scarf with fingerless gloves to match
Dad...have not decided yet!!

So, there's my list...hope to take some pics soon of the WIPs (once I figure out how to do cuts :D)

8/3/06 01:56 pm - spring_violet - My Holiday Knit List

Last year I knit a lot of gifts for my in-laws. This year I'm focusing on my family and a few friends. There are a lot of Knitty patterns here.

Mom: Clapotis

Step-Dad: gloves or socks - not certain which yet

Sister: Last year I made her a Kittyville hat with a matching scarf. This year she's getting a matching pair of Knucks with "meow" and "purr" on them.

Brother-in-law: Alien Illusion scarf from Stitch-n-Bitch and possibly a matching pair of Knucks with "I <3 AREA 51" on them.

Dad: urhg... no idea.

Step-mom: I gave her a Branching Out scarf last year. This year I'd like to make a pair of matching gloves but I don't have a pattern picked yet. (Carpathia maybe?)

Brother: Slitherin scarf and matching gloves. He's not terribly into Harry Potter but he's sooo Slitherin. I'm making them because it amuses me. :)

Girlfriend: Perdita and a copy of A Winter's Tale tucked in a cabled purse.

Once I have all of this out of the way, I'm considering making personalized Christmas stockings for my in-laws with little gifts tucked in them.

8/1/06 09:59 am - rotes_pinguin - counting (crocheted) sheep

hey all, i'm planning on crocheting a baby blanket for my soon to be nephew or neice. i saw a pattern at windsor button shop where you crochet sheep and then stich the sheep onto a blanket. unfortunately, i can't find a pattern for the sheep online and don't really want to buy the book. anyone know where online i should look?

7/29/06 03:29 pm - dreamplum - My gift list

Hi, I'm Farfalla. I think it's a great idea to have a community for everyone who's getting started on their holiday knitting early. I'm not a Christian but I like to give presents and besides, there are lots of fall/winter birthdays in my family so it winds up being my heavy gift-knitting season anyway.

I am planning on making Fetching, cabled fingerless mittens, for several people this year, including a red pair with a white stripe for my pal moondroplette, a devout Starsky & Hutch fan. (You know, like their car?)

My grandmother wanted house-socks for her November birthday, so I was considering either TLC Cara Mia or Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I have both lying around my house in the same shade of too-much-creamer coffee, coincidentally. Which do you suggest? She lives in South Florida.

My biggest gift for the holidays is the sweater I promised my best friend, who was just accepted into vet school in Minnesota. For the first time since we became pals 11 1/2 years ago, we'll live farther than four miles apart. I bought her 'Big Girl Knits' and let her pick what she wanted, and she chose the mosaic boatneck pullover. Her birthday is in early January. I was thinking of using Merino Style from Knitpicks, since it is light and fluffy, cheap, and soft. The yarn the pattern calls for (Cascade Pastazza) includes llama and the test skein I bought felt itchy to me.

Well, those are my holiday knitting plans.

7/29/06 01:13 pm - captainvern - Welcome!

Welcome everyone to this brand-new community!

I got some inspiration from she_loves_yarn who left a post in the knitting community asking people about what knid of Christmas knitting they've started.

So, here is a place that is exclusively about holiday knitting. Tell us what you're making, show us what you're making! Ask us for ideas about what to make. Tell us who's getting it and how much they loved it! Also, feel free to complain about the awful pattern your grandmother's cousin's friend triple-xeroxed for you, and the yarn that keeps splitting, and how quickly your 2-year-old ripped apart the toy you crocheted him.

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