Joanna (spring_violet) wrote in holiday_knittin,

My Holiday Knit List

Last year I knit a lot of gifts for my in-laws. This year I'm focusing on my family and a few friends. There are a lot of Knitty patterns here.

Mom: Clapotis

Step-Dad: gloves or socks - not certain which yet

Sister: Last year I made her a Kittyville hat with a matching scarf. This year she's getting a matching pair of Knucks with "meow" and "purr" on them.

Brother-in-law: Alien Illusion scarf from Stitch-n-Bitch and possibly a matching pair of Knucks with "I <3 AREA 51" on them.

Dad: urhg... no idea.

Step-mom: I gave her a Branching Out scarf last year. This year I'd like to make a pair of matching gloves but I don't have a pattern picked yet. (Carpathia maybe?)

Brother: Slitherin scarf and matching gloves. He's not terribly into Harry Potter but he's sooo Slitherin. I'm making them because it amuses me. :)

Girlfriend: Perdita and a copy of A Winter's Tale tucked in a cabled purse.

Once I have all of this out of the way, I'm considering making personalized Christmas stockings for my in-laws with little gifts tucked in them.
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