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A little over 4 months away...

...and I have a lot to do!! I decided to knit and crochet my gifts this year bc I always have a hard time picking out stuff. So, may be a serious undertaking but, here's the list!


Sister...bunny slippers from Happy Hooker (chenille like yarn that's yellow, pink, orange and green...I'm calling the slippers Easter Bunny on Acid Slippers, lol) and a belt knit purse from a free pattern I got from Wal Mart...oh, and a crochet weave afghan that I started for her LAST YEAR! :D

Boyfriend...Anarchy Hat from Happy Hooker and maybe Knitty's Knucks

Best Friend...a knit basic purse that I'm making out of this colorful soft yarn from Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby yarn) that I'm calling the colorful porcupine

Not started...

Sister's BF...Knitty's Swell
Mom...Hooded scarf with fingerless gloves to match
Dad...have not decided yet!!

So, there's my list...hope to take some pics soon of the WIPs (once I figure out how to do cuts :D)
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